Cadet Week

Each year in August over 100 of our finest cadets participate in our annual cadet week, which is a week crammed full of training, racing and just-for-fun events.

An average cadet week contains 3 races per day, and evening entertainment.

Cadet Week 2014

Cadet Week 2014 was a great success even though the weather conditions made it almost impossible to stick to the planned timetable.

Strong winds dominated, keeping most of the fleets ashore for much longer than we had hoped though in the weather windows we did get there was some fantastic racing as well as regatta sailing and Optimist training. 

This year we had a record 117 cadets signed up together with a strong team of volunteers organising the sailing, admin, entertainments, catering, support boats and first aiders, and of course plenty of parents and grandparents in supervision. It was clear the Wilton was working at her limits. 

There are too any people to thank individually but personally I’d like to highlight Tim Browne who did a magnificent job of comparing the week and hosting morning briefings and the prize giving, holding the attention of that number of cadets (and parents!) is an almost impossible task which he took on admirably! Also our admin team led by Catherine Googe who started work on Cadet Week more than six months ago to ensure registrations were all in order and that the sailing and social programs kept all ages and abilities happy and afloat as long as possible.

Of course the most important part on Cadet Week is the sailing and the racing and this year we had very worthy winners across all our fleets. As conditions were very testing, with one day having to abandon a race as a vicious squall swept through all fleet leaving at least 20 boats capsized and support boats racing to pluck cadets from the sea and tow boats ashore when the front passed…

So to the results:

Optimist racing: 1st, Florence Brellisford; 2nd, Felicity Brellisford; 3rd, Lexie Lawrence

B Class: 1st, Julia and Alexandra Gibb; 2nd, Ed Peak; 3rd, Elise and Sam Hair

Topper: 1st, Anton Haiser; 2nd, Mary Chapman; 3rd, Eva Chapman

RS Feva: 1st, William Taylor and Ben Hutton-Penman; 2nd, Luke Beuvink and Matt Clarke; 3rd, Bethany Taylor and Freya Dumbell