Welcome to the the Essex Yacht Club, Leigh-on-Sea

Originally founded in 1890, and situated about a quarter of a mile east of picturesque Leigh Old Town, the Essex YC is a family club and is particularly proud of its Cadet section, with over 100 cadets. It's unique feature is its headquarters - a ship. HQS Wilton is a conversion of the first ever glassfibre warship, the Mine Hunter HMS Wilton. An extensive sailing program runs from Easter to October, with races and events that cater for beginners in Optimists through to high performance dinghies and Cruisers. Members can store their boats on Club moorings or our own boat racks, adjacent to the club. There are numerous social events throughout the year, from formal dinners to summer barbeques, providing entertainment for sailing and non-sailing members.

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EYC Environmental Improvement Project


  • W & H Roads our contractor started on site on 3rd November and has now substantially completed the onshore works.  On board the new tanks and pumps are in place. Live testing of the complete installation has started with a view to a permanent switch over to the new system in the near future.
  • With our approval a press release has been issued by the RYA celebrating the success of the Sport England funding award. A copy of the release can be found on the RYA Website. Subsequently Commodore Alec Pell-Johnson was interviewed about the award live on BBC Radio Essex Drivetime on 4th November and the news was also  reported in the Leigh Times. 



Bart's Bash Supplementary Sailing Instructions

HW 11.42 predicted tide 5.3m
1. These instructions are supplementary to and should be read in conjunction with the Bart's Bash Sailing Instructions on the website www.bartsbash.co.uk and where there is any conflict between the two the Bart's Bash sailing Instructions shall take precedence.
2.1 The safety of a boat and her entire management including insurance shall be the sole responsibility of the owner/person in charge who must ensure that the boat/crew are adequate to face the conditions that may arise during the course of the race. Neither these supplementary instructions nor any inspection of boats limits or
reduces the responsibility of the owner/person in charge for the crew, the boat or her management. The Race Committee and Essex Yacht Club shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury howsoever caused to the
owner/person in charge or the crew as a result of their taking part in the race. Moreover every owner/person in charge warrants the suitability of the boat for the race. Rule 4 decision to race applies.
2.2 Eligible boats may be entered by completion of the Bart's Bash online registration and is open to members of Essex Yacht Club, Leigh Sailing Club, Benfleet Yacht Club or Alexandra Yacht Club
2.3 All competitors shall wear personal flotation devices at all times whilst on the water. This amends Rule 40 and the preamble to Part 4 of RRS.
Notices to Competitors shall be displayed on the Sailing Notice Board in the foyer of the Essex Yacht Clubhouse the Wilton opposite the ramp leading from the main upper bar/saloon to the foyer, but may also be published on the Essex Yacht Club website www.essexyachtclub.co.uk, if time permits.
Any changes to these instructions shall be posted at least 60 minutes before the start of the race on the Sailing Notice Board but may also be published on the Essex Yacht Club website if time permits.
Signals made ashore shall be displayed from the main mast of the Wilton.
There is intended to be a single race run from the start line of the Essex Yacht Club with an all in start. The warning signal shall not be before 1055 hours.
The class flag shall be Code Flag “F” and may be displayed on a board.
The racing area shall be the Thames Estuary offshore from the Wilton.
9.1The course shall consist of marks placed to the east, west and south of the start line. On each lap of the course competitors must pass through the finish line.
9.2 A board will be displayed on the Wilton at least 5 minutes before the start indicating the maximum number of laps to be sailed.
9.3 A second board will be displayed on the Wilton at least 5 minutes before the start indicating the direction of the start and the side on which the marks will be rounded as follows:- Board “A” shall indicate a west to east start in which case all marks will be rounded to starboard. Board “B” shall indicate an east to west start in which case all marks will be rounded to port.
9.4 Nothing herein shall prevent the shortening of the race or it being abandoned.
10.1 Will be orange inflatable buoys.
10.2 The outer limit of the start line will be a pole with a basket on top and is the southernmost of the two poles located immediately to the south of the Wilton. This mark has no relevance after the start.
10.3 The inner limit which is not a mark of the course at the start, but is at the end of each lap and relevant at the finish, will be a pole with a basket on top and is the northernmost of the two poles located immediately to the south of the Wilton.
11.1 The race will be started in accordance with Rule 26.
11.2 The starting line will be between the main mast of the Wilton and the outer limit mark(a pole with a basket on the top) to the south of the Wilton.
11.3 A boat shall not start later than 5 minutes after the starting signal.
11.4 In the event of a general recall the warning signal for the new start shall be made one minute after the first substitute flag is removed(one sound).
12.1 Essex yacht Club may change a leg of the course that begins at a rounding mark by changing the position of the next mark (or finishing line) and signalling all boats before they begin the leg with repetitive sound signals. The mark need not be in position at that time.
12.2 If the direction of the leg will be changed, the signal shall be the display of code flag “C” with repetitive sound signals. Any mark to be rounded after the moved mark may be relocated without further signalling to maintain the course configuration. This amends Rule33.
As well as at the designated finish line the course may be shortened at any rounding mark or by any committee boat or Rib displaying code flag “S” and making two sound signals. The finish shall then be between the mark and the flag on the Committee Boat or Rib.
The Finish Line shall be between the main mast of the Wilton and the inner limit mark. Competitors must show their sail numbers for a reasonable period after the finish so that the Race Officers have the opportunity to record the same.
15.1 The time limit shall be 90 minutes after the start.
15.2 Boats failing to finish within the time limit shall be scored Did Not Finish. This changes rule 35 and Appendix 4
16.1 Protest forms are available at the Wilton. Written protests shall be delivered there within 90 minutes after the time of the last boat to finish. This time limit shall be extended by 30 minutes for all protests by the Race Committee relating to incidents observed in the racing area.
16.2 Protest Notices will be posted on the Sailing notice Board within 30 minutes of the time limit for delivery of protests informing competitors where and when there is a hearing in which they are parties or named as a witness. It is the responsibility of competitors to check the Sailing Notice Board for such notices.
16.3 Breaches of these supplementary sailing instructions 18.1 and 18.2 will not be grounds for protest by a boat. This changes Rule 60.1(a). Penalties for these breaches may be less than disqualification if the protest committee so decides.
17.1 Lap times will be recorded and average lap times used to calculate the results.
18.1 A boat which retires from the race shall, if possible, notify the race committee as soon as possible before leaving the race area.
18.2 Any competitor who has completed a penalty for an infringement or who has retired shall complete a declaration to that effect on the sheet posted on the Sailing Notice Board within 60 minutes of the last boat finishing the race.

Movements on the sewage question

Message from the Commodore

Dear Members,
I am pleased to once again provide an update on our Club’s environmental improvement project.
You will recall that we want to improve our green credentials, support the Council’s drive for cleaner bathing water and meet the Port of London’s (PLA) byelaw that no sewage (meaning waste water, grey or black) may be discharged into the river after 31st December 2014.
After months of planning and seeking approvals and licences, we are now ready to start work “for real” and these works will now start to have an effect on the Club, its facilities and into November, the general public.
We are happy to report that we have, this week, engaged a contractor to perform the works to the cinder path which will commence, as planned, at the beginning of November. We will provide more information on this aspect of the works in future briefings.
Prior to this we shall start with the works on board the Wilton to install the new storage tank and pumping system.
The parts for the new on-board pumping and tank system are scheduled to arrive on-site over the weekend of 27th /28th September. We will be asking during next week for some volunteers to assist with moving this equipment from Bell Wharf onto the ship and into its planned location under the galley/Bosun’s locker.
Work then starts on Monday the 29th September to rearrange the existing waste pipework on board the ship to link to the new pump and tank.
As you can imagine, this will mean that all the toilets and sinks etc. will be out of use whilst the works are underway and to avoid any possible flooding we will be turning off the water to the ship.
This therefore effectively ‘closes’ the Club whilst the work is carried out although the Club will still be open for access, maintenance etc., we will have no water or toilet facilities whatsoever during the time the works are underway.
To minimise any effect on the members and the running of the Club the water and waste systems will be put back into service late Friday afternoon 3rd October and for the weekend 4th and 5th October and then be taken out of service again from Monday the 6th October to late Friday afternoon 10th October when, if we have gone to plan, the work on board the ship will be complete and we will be ready for connection to the new shore pipe once it installed.
This enables us to keep the Club open during the weekend of  3rd,  4th and 5th October for the Ladies Dinner and other planned weekend activities and the Club should be back to normal running by the following Friday evening 10th October.
If you have any queries or questions please get back to me.
I’m sure that you will join me in thanking the members of our Sewage System Committee for making all this happen and getting on with the job!
Alec Pell-Johnson

Bart's Bash at the weekend

On Sunday 21st this weekend the EYC goes for Bart's Bash full out.

Bart's Bash is an attempt to set a record for the number of boats taking part in a global race, all for a new charity set up to bring new youngsters into sailing - in the name of Andrew "Bart" Simpson who lost his life in an accident during the last America's Cup. See the item below which gives a very personal description of the thinking behind the event.

The EYC will be running a race joined by boats from the Alexandra Yacht Club, the Leigh and the Benfleet; it looks like up to 40 boats - from Toppers to cruisers - will be sailing.

The race starts at 1100 and will be run on an average laps basis so the bigger and faster boats will sail more laps than the smaller ones.  Most of the classes will be using the race as a normal part of their sailing programme.

Come along to watch, cheer on the racers, and stay on to the lunchtime barbecue which follows.  

The sailors will all be contributing a minimum of £5 towards the charity, but don't be shy, you can contribute too.

Be there or miss one of those unique Essex Yacht Club days that people will talk about for years. . .

Bart's bash

Bart Simpson was an Olympic medallist who lost his life during training for the last America's Cup.

His friends have created a global race on Sunday 21 September to raise money for a charity aimed at getting more children on the water.  They also aim to create the biggest sailing race in history.

EYC member Lucy Purnell was a friend of Bart's and wrote the following:

Have you ever wanted to make it in to the Guinness book of Records?

Racked your brains searching for a challenge?

Could you eat more than 16 chilli peppers in a minute? Hmm… indigestion…

Could you do more than 243 hula hoops in a minute? Hmm… slipped disc…

Could you blow a bubble gum bubble with a diameter larger than 52 cm? Hmm… what would happen when it burst!
Are you ever going to be taller than Sultan Kosen? He’s 8ft 3in. At 5ft 5, I know I’m a long way off that one!

Well stop thinking; here at the Essex Yacht Club we’ve got an opportunity for you all to become record breakers! Just keep your diary free for Sunday 21st September 2014, when our club, as well as 513 other clubs around the globe, will be attempting the largest sailing race in 24 hours.
It’s called BART’S BASH and all you have to do is go on line to register at www.bartsbash.co.uk, click on ‘Race Venues’ then ‘Sign me up’. You will be racing in a normal points race, or in the specially created Bart's Bash class at the EYC, but you need to sign on individually at the Bart's Bash website too.

So far over a 1,000 sailors have signed up to take part, including Sir Ben Ainslie, America’s Cup winning skipper James Spithill, and Gold medallist Iain Percy. By entering on-line you will be able to metaphorically race against these sailing legends and after the race, through a handicapping system, you’ll be able to find out how you did against your sailing idols. I often wondered how I would have fared against Ben after watching him in Weymouth.

It’s going to be a great day and all this fun is for a great cause, it’s in memory of Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson who tragically lost his life during the last America’s cup. Bart’s Bash is a fund raising event for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation, it’s free to enter, but donations to the foundation are gratefully received; again go to the website for details.

I knew Andrew Simpson, he was one of life’s good people. He had a passion for sailing, a drive to win, but also loved getting others involved in the great sport of sailing.

He would have loved the concept of Bart’s Bash, so for Andrew and a great day of fun sailing - PLEASE SIGN UP NOW!!!!!

Cadet Week Results

Go to the Cadets page to see the report, results and a picture.


Wilton Berthday on 30 August

No, that's not a spelling error; it's ten years since our wonderful floating club house first was manhandled into its berth at Leigh-on-sea.

To celebrate the fact, there is an amazing day of family events, sailing, eating, drinking, celebrating and just enjoying our superb Club on Saturday 30th.

Special races, a Cup Cake competition, a huge Wilton Cake, slide shows of all our activities and no doubt a few well chosen words from our esteemed Commodore are just a few of the attractions.

In particular, as well as the planned club racing, there will be a one off ‘Berthday Fun Race’ in the sailing program. This will start at 1450 from our start line, all classes of dinghy invited. It will be a straightforward course around three inflatable marks with prizes for adult and cadet winners as well as some special prizes thrown in for family teams or any acts of random sailing heroics... or lack of!

It's an unmissable event  - don't miss it!

Community use

Essex Yacht Club offers a number of rooms for hire on our headquarters ship Wilton.

To enquire about charges and conditions of hire, in the first instance please contact our Entertainments Secretary at: Entertainments@essexyachtclub.co.uk.

Dining saloon
Wilton Dining Saloon

Triumphant Commodore's Cruise

Sunday 29 June saw the umpteenth EYC Commodore's cruise, the annual "beating of the bounds" followed by a sumptious tea.

Though the weather was brilliant to within minutes of the start - at 1345 - the clouds then made an unwanted appearance, together with some rather brisk wind.  Over 25 knots was registered, keeping the safety boats busy as the cadets in their dinghies tasted the waters of the Thames.  But they all came up laughing and continued the sail.

As usual, the Commodore Alec Pell Johnson, aboard Rear Commodore Nick Veitch's dressed overall Bathsheba, anchored to take the plaudits of the club members.  Flag Officers led the way, followed by the cruisers, the EODs and then the dinghies.

With the boats either moored on ashore, attention switched to the table down the centre of the club's saloon.  A wonderous selection of savories was followed by a diet-breaking array of cakes, scones and brownies. Tea and other beverages were consumed and then the Commodore amused the crowd with a distorted speach thanks to the malfunctioning Wilton sound system.

EYC comcruise

EYC cruisers - and a dinghy - saluting their Commodore

Silver sailing

The Essex One Design Class - the home version of the Estuary Class - sailed its one-race championship on Saturday 28 June for the superb silver and timber replica of the wooden EOD which has been the trophy to win for decades and decades.

The race was sailed in light winds from just south of west, with bright skies and only a few little white, fluffy clouds.

Race officers Andrew Hampton and Kim Clarke set - probably with some input from the class - Course 4, Joscelyns, Ray, Joscelyns, Ray, West, Distance Mark which gave the boats an interesting windward leeward between Joscelyns and Ray, but a big overall lap and a tricky reaching start.

Eleven boats came to the line and a big bunch took the line on the gun, with just a few boats opting for an inshore start in clear(er) wind.

Early running was made by septugenarian - and three-time past championship winner - Bernie Slann who led at the first mark in his Saraband, a boat he has owned for more than three decades.  On the long leg to Ray messers Turmain and Wells came past in their boats, and after a while Peter Watkins sailing Duetto also managed to slip past the blue boat.

There was some duelling between Turmain and Wells for the middle part of the race, but eventually Brian Wells prevailed by a considerable distance.  Fifth was Clive Davison in his recently sold Requiem for Woodwind with his crew including the new owner.

Back down the fleet there were some spirited duels, with four boats in line abrest at one point and it seemed that most boats were having a good time - even if tailender, Chris Gibb's Rite of Spring, opted to retire before the end of the final lap.

In the evening it was the EOD Supper with over 70 people enjoying an excellent meal.

Past class member Dick Johnson was celebrating his birthday on the 28th and Class Captain Martin Grindley generously provided a wonderful cake resplendent as the class flag "R", a red ground with a yellow cross. Luckily Martin didn't insist on a candle for every year of Dick's life - it might have burned the Club to a cinder.

Clive Davison made a very touching speech on the reasons for his departure from the class after 39 years, highlighting the ups and downs of hundreds of races and receiving a well deserved resounding round of applause.

Class President Geoffery Brown - a mere 94 years young - presented the beautuiful silver trophy of a fully rigged EOD to winner Brian Wells.  Brian has won a few times, but still has a long way to go to even approach the success of past pundit Buzz Mountstephens who managed an astounding nine wins.

A great time was had by all, completing a memorable day.

1, Tango, 104, Brian Wells
2,  Bolero, 124, Simon Turmain
3, Duetto, 135, Peter Watkins
4, Sarabande, 133, Bernie Slann

Boats were floated

Last Saturday, 17 May,  we hosted a highly successful ‘Push The Boat Out’ event which aimed to get existing members into their boats and on the water, also to introduce non-members to the club and to the pleasures of boating at the Essex.

Absolutely perfect weather saw between 80-90 members and guests in boats throughout the day. With the sun shining and flags flying it was not difficult to sell the benefits of the EYC to the 50 or so visitors that we welcomed aboard the Wilton.

This was in all ways a great showcase for the EYC and I would like to thank everyone who helped with the preparation of the club, Louise and her BBQ, and all those who kindly invited visitors onto their yachts and dinghies which, for some, was a brand new experience. Hopefully to be repeated!

A great day was had by all (including the bar!).

WORK WEEKEND – Saturday June 7 and Sunday June 8

Come and help us keep our club in good order! It’s community spirit day!

Remember when you joined the EYC and, at the interview, it was explained that this is a ‘self-help club’? Well this is your chance to show that you meant it!

We’ll be a-washing and a-scrubbing on the mornings of Saturday June 7 and Sunday June 8 from 0900 to 1300. We need your help to cover a number of tasks to tidy our club ship, the racks and slipways, and to give a lick of paint to the tatty bits!

No previous experience necessary, although we do assume that you can wield a paint brush or a mop and bucket. Marigolds would be handy and there are jobs that some of our bigger cadets can cope with alongside their parents!

Please email us at mail@essexyachtclub.co.uk
with the heading ‘Work Day’ to give us an idea of how many of you can come and which day or days. Alternatively contact Darren ‘the clipboard’ Taylor on 07894 283540 to give your details!

WILTON 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY! – Saturday 30 August

First thing - yes, that is the correct date, the one in the Handbook is wrong!
Save the day in your diary
, we’re putting the flags out, join us to celebrate the first 10 years of the Wilton as our clubhouse.

There will be a day of events including the famous Wilton Hog Roast, music, a sailing regatta, more music, food, wine, special ale, children’s entertainment, event memorabilia and then later on perhaps even some music too. We’ve booked the weather, the rest is up to you!

More details to follow. Please contact the Entertainments Committee at entertainments@essexyachtcub.co.uk  or call Toby Britton on 07971 478755 if you think you can help!


Early bar opening this summer

From this evening - 16 May 2014 - the bar will be opening at 1900 on Friday evenings during the summer.

Why not come down to enjoy the evening sunshine and let the stress of the week evaporate, while enjoying the best location on the foreshore for a quiet drink?

And bring along your friends too.


Whatever floats your boat

Just a reminder that on Saturday 17 May the Essex Yacht Club will be taking part in the RYA initiative ‘Push The Boat Out’ : www.rya.org.uk/programmes/pushtheboatout . This is a nationwide event  aimed at introducing people to sailing and getting as many boats out on the water as possible.

With the large number of boats we have on the racks and on moorings we should be able to put on a great show! So whether you have been bravely sailing since Christmas or you are still yet to venture out this is your chance to get out for a friendly sail!

 High tide on the day is 1509 so should be a great afternoon's boating for the club. The event is open to non-members so feel free to bring along friends and family to see the club and ‘try a sail’ or even a just a pleasant tour around the bay in the club tenders.

This should be a great family day so please support it if you can, the bar will of course be open from 1200 and will also fire up the BBQ for burgers and hot dogs throughout the afternoon.

The state of the union (of the two halves of the pontoon)

During the last week the steelwork contractors have been undertaking repair work to the pontoon. This has provided necessary strengthening and stiffness to the structure. Although progress has been good, unfortunately the pontoon  will not be available for use again until after the weekend 10 & 11 May.

It is hoped to return it to normal service as soon as it is safe to do so.

A bad weekend's (not) racing

The cruisers decided that discression  was the better part of valor, despite the attractions of the CCS race to Queenborough, and as a result of a forecast of over 35 knots, boats from the EYC, ISC,LSC, BYC and Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all all stayed comfortably tucked up on their moorings.  Given the gusts that whipped through during the day it was a good decision.

And the EODs for Sunday, a message from Class Captain Martin Grindley:
"In consultation with the Race Officers and having to spoken to several other helms in the class we have decided to postpone tomorrow's (Sunday 11 May) Points 2 race due to the unfavourable forcast of F5-7 (44 knot gusts). We will try to re-schedule this later in the series."

A good weekend's racing

An excellent long weekend's sailing for the club, with all our fleets well represented on the water, certainly a great advert for the club when watching from the shore. 

A very positive sign for the future was the excellent number of our younger cadets involved with Anna Brown's Optimist training sessions, many thanks to Anna and her team.

Class racing was very close with victories in the EODs for Class Captain Martin Grindley and Jonny Wells; in the Fast fleet Bruce Bowler won an excellent race between the ISOs .

On Monday the senior cadets raced in choppy conditions for the EYC Fun Race with Bethany Taylor and Freya Dumbell (RS Feva)  taking the trophy from Harry Raffan (Topaz) in second and Chloe Mitchell (Laser Radial) in third ( Full results on the website) .

Evening series racing continues Wednesday 7 May at 1815 and again on Thursday starting at 1900. 

Low tides on 10 and 11 May mean no dinghy racing on Saturday, but the Cruisers will be holding their first race of the season, the Ogmore Cup to Queenborough starting at 1100 at the Leigh Buoy.

arly Sunday morning the EODs will be racing their Sunday Points 2 starting at 1000.

And a reminder for cadets and parents that on Sunday there will be a Cadet Week refresher and social, a chance to get boats checked, to ask questions, get some more training and most importantly, the last chance to register for the week. Any questions mail Catherine: cadets@essexyachtclub.co.uk.

Lastly, on Sunday, just to ensure the sun shines, the EYC BBQ will be fired up on the aft deck for burgers and hot dogs; available for all from about 1230.

Race results

Fast H/c Spring series (no LSC starters to date)

 Race 1: 1, ISO 1178 B Bowler; Rtd RS300 Rob Redman

 Race 2: 1, ISO 1178 B Bowler, 2, ISO 1197 N Veitch

 Races 3 and 4: no starters

 Race 5: 1 ISO 1178 B Bowler; 2, ISO 1167 G Chambers, 3, ISO 1176 S Warren

 Race 61, ISO1178 B Bowler:; 2, ISO 1167 G Chambers; 3, ISO1176 S Warren; 4, ISO 1197 N Veitch


Medium H/c (finishing places are combined with LSC results)

Spring 1: 1, Solo 5347 J Wells

Spring 2: 3, Solo 5347 J Wells; 6, Laser 142204 D Makkink

Spring 3: 3, Solo 5347 J Wells; 9, Laser 142204 D Makkink

Spring 4: 1,Solo 5347 J Wells;  10 Laser 142204 D Makkink

EYC Cadet Fun Race

The EYC Cadet Fun Race was held in a choppy Force 4 on the first May Bank Holiday Monday; a great effort and great racing from all, particularly those new to racing around our club marks.

Well done to Bethany and Freya , whose recent heavy weather training and general ‘time in the boat’ certainly paid off !

1st Bethany Taylor and Freya Dumbell  (RS Feva)
2nd Harry Raffan (Topaz Uno)
3rd Chloe Mitchell (Laser Radial)
4th Edward Peek (Topaz Race)
5th Topper 47276
6th Alex Haiser and Ben Lawrence (RS Feva)
7th Jacob Turner (Std Laser)


Pontoons and sunken boats

Two  bits of useful infomation, one from Sailing Committee Chairman and Vice Commodore Nick Veitch, the other from Estuary and EOD supremo Martin Grindley:

First the pontoon from Nick:

As you will know we've had a bit of a challenging winter and this has taken its toll on the structure of the pontoon. The General Committee has approved a scheme of repair work for the pontoon to make it usable over this season with further works to be undertaken away from the Club next winter.

The repair work is due to start over the next two weeks, however, this is dependent upon our contractor having labour available, the tides and the weather. It had been hoped that this repair work would have commenced already however, this has not been possible and we apologise for any inconvenience to members because of this.

Until these repairs have been completed the main pontoon will not be in use. During this time the grey pontoon on the west racks should be used for accessing the tender.

And from Mr Grindley, sunken treasures:

Please note that there is an underwater obstruction, namely a sunken boat, about 100 metres east of the Crowstone, south of Chalkwell Shelter. At the moment it is marked by two large round orange buoys. No part of the boat appears to be visible some 90 minutes before or after mean high water. Best avoided...

Easter Tin Mug

Our annual season opener for the dinghy classes took place over Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Day. The weather ranged from light to breezy, from sunny to downright unpleasant.

In the end, Jonny Wells, sailing his father's Solo, tied with Bruce Bowler and Steve Harniman, sailing their aged, but well loved ISO, but Jonny took the coveted trophy thanks to his first place in the second race.

There was also a tie for the next places, the result going ISO sailors Vice Commodore Nick Veitch and Club mechanical guru Andy Middleton's way over Dave Makkink in his Laser and (presumably) his star-studded shorts. Again, one first place - in the grey and rainy last race - made all the difference.

Results are final as of 20:17 on April 20, 2014
Sailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Rating system: PY, Entries: 11, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank  ClassSail NoHelm NameCrew NamePYR1R2R3TotalNett
1stSolo5357Jonny Wells 1151
2ndISO1178Bruce BowlerSteve Harniman  9232.
3rdISO1197Nick VeitchAndy Middleton9236.   11.0
4thLaser142204    Dave Makkink 10884.
5thISO1167George ChambersAndy Stickland9231.05.012.0 DNS   18.018.0
6thLaser192291AJ 10887.06.012.0 DNS25.025.0
7thRs Feva  2786Will TaylorDarren Taylor122212.0 DNS  12.0 DNS
8thSolo3574David Readman 11515.012.0 DNS12.0 DNS29.029.0
9thISO2Samantha Warren  Simon Warren9238.012.0 DNS12.0 DNS32.032.0
10thLaser42161Simon Lawrence 108812.0 DNF12.0 DNS12.0 DNS36.036.0
10thLaser155157Jim Richardson 108812.0 DNF12.0 DNS12.0 DNS36.036.0

Essex Yacht Club Environmental Improvement Project: Latest instalment

Dear Members,

I’m delighted to inform you that we have been successful in securing an external grant towards our Environmental Improvement Project from the Sport England Inspired Facilities programme.

On Monday night, the General Committee approved the agreement with Sport England and more details will follow soon.

This is excellent news as the costs associated with the proposed works are considerable, and this grant alleviates some of the immediate funding concerns for the club (although we still need to cover approximately half of the expected costs). 
Depending on the timing and the outcome of our planning application (recently submitted to Southend-on-Sea Borough Council), we may be in a position to apply for additional grants to further assist with the associated expenditure.

 Finally, just to remind you that a set of outline plans for both the new on-board waste holding tank and disposal system, and the cinder path scheme are available to view on the club’s notice board.

If you do have any questions or think you can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other members of the project team.

Alec Pell-Johnson, Commodore

Essex Yacht Club Environmental Improvement Project

Dear Members,

I am writing to tell you about Essex Yacht’s Club environmental improvement project.

For many years now, we have been investigating the various options around disposal of the

club’s waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Following months of extensive engagement with relevant national and local organisations,
Essex Yacht Club has now formally submitted a planning application to Southend-on-Sea
Borough Council.

The application requests permission to lay a small pipe under the cinder path and part of the
High Street at Old Leigh so we can connect the ship to the public sewer system.

Before submitting this application, we consulted with bodies such as Southend-on-Sea
Borough Council, Network Rail, the Environment Agency, Natural England, Thames
Estuary Partnership and many of our neighbours, including Southend and Leigh Fishermen's
Association, Leigh Sailing Club and Lower Thames Rowing Club, to name but a few.

The cost of carrying out the works will be met by club members, although we are also
applying for some external grant funding.

Once the various planning permissions are in place, the works are expected to take less
than two months to complete.

I will write again to update you on the project’s progress. However, if in the meantime you
would like to contact me to discuss the proposed works or how you or your organisation can
get involved, please do not hesitate to contact me on Commodore@EssexYachtClub.co.uk

Alec Pell-Johnson, Commodore

Annual EYC get-together

Friday evening saw the official AGMs for both the Essex Yacht Club and EYC Ltd.

Commodore Alec Pell-Johnson opened proceedings and swiftly handed over to Hon. Treasurer, Past Commodore Geoffrey Brown who, it has to be said, is the main reason the AGM has such a good attendance. Geoff has a remarkable talent for making the dry facts of the accounts interesting, but most important of all, always has a humorous tale with which to embellish his presentation. This year was no exception.

Once the voting started, Commodore Alec Pell-Johnson was voted in for a second term as were Vice Commodore Nick Veitch and Rear Commodores Paul Edwards and Rob Redman. Gail Monk stood down as our third Rear Commodore and has been replaced by Patrick Grant from the Cruiser Class. Thanks were given to Gail for her time and contributions to the Club, and congratulations to Patrick in his new role.

Apart from the Officers and Hon. Sec Barbara Sullivan, the General Committee now consists of: Louise Tothill, Audrey Wenden, Gail Monk, Toby Britton, Jim Richardson and Colin Taylor. The Bar Committee is now: Chairman Paul Edwards, with Nicky Veitch, Toby Britton, Rob Readman, Louise Tothill and John Chapman.

The propositions to add a new Club rule and amend a Company article in respect of the possible dissolution of the club were passed unanimously following a short debate.

After the AGM, members moved upstairs to the main bar for coffee (or something stronger - giving the Bar Committee something to do) cheese and biscuits, and other snacks created by Lady Commodore and supremo of the galley, Paula Pell-Johnson.

Members then fought their way home through the mounting gale.

More ways to go wrong, new dinghy courses for 2014

There are changes to the courses and mark positions for 2014. Please throw away your old course cards to avoid sailing the wrong courses this year.

The main changes are:

An additional Half Ray mark.

Eight rather than six "short courses". It should now be possible to set a true beat in just about all wind directions.

New courses to make better use of the Upper Ray mark.

There are now 30 courses. It is hoped to reduce this number once we see which courses are used most often.

New sailing instructions will be published shortly.

The main change to the SI's is separate starts for Fast, Medium, Slow and EOD fleets.

The Solo fleet will have their own class flag "Q", but will still start with the Medium Handicap fleet.

On days where two races are scheduled, the EOD and Cadet/ Slow Handicap fleets will sail only one race.

Laminated course cards will be available from behind the bar before the season starts.

2014 Sailing Programme is now available under the "Sailing at the EYC" tab above.  Go to "Sailing Programme 2014" for a printable and downloadable pdf file of the full programme.

Essex Yacht Club AGM

Essex Yacht Club's Annual General Meeting will take place on the HQ Ship Wilton on February 7 2014.

Or, as the official notice puts it:

NOTICE is hereby given that the 84th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Essex Yacht Club Limited will be held at the Essex Yacht Club Headquarters, Leigh-on-Sea at 2030 hours on Friday 7th  February 2014 

Only Full or other members with equivalent status or duly nominated proxies may attend this meeting


NOTICE is hereby given that the 124th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Essex Yacht Club will be held at Essex Yacht Club Headquarters, Leigh-on-Sea immediately following the Annual General Meeting of Essex Yacht Club Limited which is to be held at 2030 hours on Friday 7th February 2014. 


Only Full or other members with equivalent status may attend this meeting

As usual, most club members will be at the meeting to hear Past Commodore Geoffery Brown talk about the Club's finances in his own inimitable style, but let's not forget the Commodore Alec Pell Johnson's oration and don't forget to vote for the Vice and Rear Commodore's and other officers of the EYC as well.

  • EYC Ltd. AGM 2014 Agenda
  • EYC AGM 2014 Agenda
  • Combined Minutes of 2013's EYC AGMs
  • Nominations for Flag and Honorary Officers for 2014
  • Nominations for Bar Committee for 2014
  • Nominations for General Committee for 2014
  • Commodore’s New Year Message to members
  • Narrative to Article amendment proposal and Club rule addition proposal
  • Proposal to amend the Articles of Association of the Company by Special Resolution by adding a new article.
  • Proposal to add a new Club Rule No. 25
  • Form of Proxy
  • Notes on Form of Proxy
  • Essex Yacht Club Limited Accounts for the year ended 30 September 2013
Official documents are obtainable from Hon Secretary, Barbara Sullivan, by email or post.

Entertainment  News

Cocktail Sunday 2nd February

A full sit down affair with Roast Beef Main course.

The list is on the board & filling up quickly - so get your names down sharpish if you don’t want to miss out!

Please state any special dietary requirements.

Men’s Dinner Saturday 8th February

A fantastic four-course meal followed by award winning comedian Martin Gold.

Starter : Slow Roasted Belly of Pork with Mushy Peas & Black Pudding
Main course : Classic Fish Pie
Dessert: Rhubarb Frangipane Tart with Ginger Cream

Followed by Cheeseboard with Port.

Please state any dietary requirements.

Martin Gold has performed for Manchester United, Jaguar, BT, Vodafone to name a few.

Jasper Carrot said recently, “This week I have seen three comedians live – Eddie Izzard, Michael McIntyre and I have to say that Martin Gold has just made me laugh more than the other two put together! He is a very funny man!"

So there you have it. Should be an excellent evening! So sign up now and bring your friends.

Tickets are £25.00 and the list is now up on the board in the Wilton's main Bar.

Bad weather update and thanks

Just a quick update to let you know that despite massive surge tides in conjunction with spring tides and gale and storm force winds from the South, the Wilton, the pontoon and racks are still in-situ. I’m sure you’d all like to thank some of the people who helped out to keep things on an even(ish) keel during the worst of the conditions.
Past Commodore Paul Gilson spent much time inspecting the ship’s moorings between tides and whenever the high winds were forecast (most of the time as it happened). I am sure he must have had a few sleepless nights, however, so thanks to Paul.
On late Friday afternoon, once the tide had gone out, it was spotted that at least two planks had disappeared from the East slip. This could well have prevented our brave winter sailors from getting afloat. At very short notice, John Chapman and Colin Mitchell turned to and early on Saturday made the necessary repairs to the slip and other bits and pieces around the Club. Everything was fully functioning for business as usual by mid-morning. Very many thanks to them.
Let’s all hope for some quieter weather now and especially around the time of the next spring tides, (Neaps are much more relaxing as the ship does not float then.).

Past Commodore Alf Neale

It is with great sadness we report the death of Past Commodore Alf Neale who passed away on 12 December 2013.

Alf had been a member since 1958 and was Commodore from 1969 to 1970.  He was perhaps best known for his successes in the EOD fleet where his green-hulled Preude was a common sight at the top of the fleet.  In particular he made the singlehanded Grenwell Salver - starting the boat at anchor, hoist the sails, raise the anchor and then race - his own.

In later years he sailed a number of small cruising boats and was always a welcome crew on longer passages with club boats belonging to his many friends.

Alf was also well known for his participation in Cadet Week, where his grandchildren were always a major part of the action on and off the water.  His exploits with an electric shock machine were recieved by the Cadets with great enjoyment, but would probably be frowned upon by Health and Safety today. . .

There will be a family funeral on Friday 20 December and later in January a memorial service in Gloustershire, where he moved with wife Marjorie some years ago to be closer to his son and two daughters.

Children's Christmas Party

Sunday December 15

The Party Starts at 1100 with the Entertainer

Father Christmas arrives at 1300

£7.50 per child (inc. present & food)
£1 contribution for older children to see Entertainer

Friends & Family most welcome

Please put your child’s name & age on the list on the notice board or contact Rebecca Varney (see below)

All queries contact Rebecca & Simon Varney 01702 471756 rrickard21@yahoo.co.uk


Essex Yacht Club Prize Giving 2013

Replete with a fish (or chicken) supper, racing sailors of the Essex Yacht Club sat down amid the glitter of an amazing array of silverware at the 120th prize giving of the Essex Yacht Club.  Trophies date from early in the 20th century and beyond, with some more recent, and span the members from Cadets to some highly experienced yachtsmen.

Chairman of the Sailing Committee, Rear Commodore Nick Veitch, started proceedings, with Commodore's wife Paula Pell Johnson handing over the silverware to the prompting of Anna Mitchell. Martin Grindley for the Estuary Class and Dick Johnson for the Cruisers did their bit, but stars of the show were the winners and the trophies themselves.

Below are some photos and the list of famous names.

Silverware for 2013

Essex Yacht Club's superb array of silverware

Cadet Trophies

Junior Cadet Easter Trophy Luke Beuvink

2nd Joshua Beuvink

Optimist Endeavour Daniel & Toby Brown

Barton Trophy Luke Beuvink

Barker Trophy Rebecca Taylor

Junior Cup Anton Haiser

The Race Officers Cup Tom Warren & Chloe Mitchell

Handicap dinghies

B Class

Spring Series Nick Veitch

2nd Bruce Bowler

Summer Series George Chambers

2nd Bruce Bowler

Autumn Series George Chambers

Kitchen Cup George Chambers

Medium Handicap

Arnold Cup David Readman

Spring Series David Readman

Summer Series Brian Wells

Autumn Series A J Pilgrim

Evening Series Dave Makkink

2nd Brian Wells

EOD winner Jonny Wells

Jonny Wells and his Mum with some of the Estuary trophies the family won

Estuary One Design Class

John Swan Decanter & Salver Simon Turmaine

2nd Brian Wells

3rd Bernie Slann

EOD Championship Jonny Wells

2nd Martin Grindley

3rd Peter Watkins

Estuary Championships Martin Grindley

2nd Brian Wells

3rd Clive Davison

Velsheda Trophy Jonny Wells

2nd Martin Grindley

3rd Simon Turmaine

Rickard Bowl Jonny Wells

Ian Perkin Decanter Jonny Wells

2nd Simon Turmaine

3rd Martin Grindley

Alfred White Memorial trophy B & J Wells

2nd Simon Turmaine

3rd Stephen Underwood

Greenwell Salver Brian Wells

2nd John Chapman

3rd Simon Turmaine

Spring Series B & J Wells

2nd Simon Turmaine

3rd Clive Davison

Summer Series B & J Wells

2nd Simon Turmaine

3rd Clive Davison

Autumn Series B & J Wells

2nd Clive Davison

3rd Simon Turmaine

Old Commodores Cup

Nigel Dumbell with the Old Commodores Cup and the Singlehanded trophy

Cruiser Class

Founders Cup D Vinten/K Whyte/T Huish

2nd M & M Blatcher

3rd N Dumbell

Carr Cup M & M Blatcher

2nd D Vinten/K Whyte/T Huish

3rd N Dumbell

Old Commodores Cup N Dumbell

2nd D Vinten/K Whyte/T Huish

3rd S & C Silcock

Essex Bowl M & M Blatcher

2nd D Johnson

3rd D Vinten/K Whyte/T Huish

Cruiser Centenary Trophy D Vinten/K Whyte/T Huish

2nd M & M Blatcher

Butterflies Bowl D Vinten/K Whyte/T Huish

Ogmore Cup D Vinten/K Whyte/T Huish

2nd M & M Blatcher

Kelvin Hughes Cup M & M Blatcher

RWO Autumn Series K Marsh/P Grant/A Gourley

Single Handed N Dumbell

2nd D Johnson

Club Trophies and all-in races

Symons Cup Jonny Wells

Easter Tin Mug Andy Stickland

2nd Andy Middleton

3rd Seb Baucutt

W J Edwards Casket J Chapman/P Watkins

2nd M & M Blatcher

3rd Trevor Edwards

Mini Shoreline Salver George Chambers

2nd Bruce Bowler

3rd Simon Turmaine

4th Steve Underwood

River Race Cup George Chambers

2nd Brian Wells

3rd Clive Davison

Jubilee Series Dave Makkink

Rapid Races (KMF) Dave Makkink

2nd Clive Davison

3rd Tim Browne

Fun Race Dave Makkink

Crews Race Tim Browne

2nd S Harniman

Norris Bowl D Johnson

Neville Cup Ken Whyte

T R Jones Cup Brian & Jonny Wells

Norman Ray Cup Dave Makkink

Lady Helmsman Cup Eva Chapman

The Alf Manning Salver Andy Middleton

Interclub prizegiving at the EYC

Interclub Cruiser Trophies

Interclub Cruiser Trophies
Friday night, 25 October, saw members of many of the shore's clubs aboard HQS Wilton as the tables groaned with silverware for cruisers and dinghies alike. It was the prize giving for the area's Interclub Team Race - which is reported on in our News pages - and the Combined Cruiser Series who's races are also covered in the News.

After a welcome from Vice Commodore and Chairman of the EYC Sailing Committee, Nick Veitch, the awarding of silver started with the CCS prizes compered by new CCS Chairman Paul Field.

First up was the massive and beautiful Town Cup, originally presented to the Big Class sailing yachts of the 1930s - boats such as Candida, Velsheda and of course Britannia.  Nowadays in a recent re-incarnation, the Town Cup is only for monohulls, with multihulls excluded from competition; monohulls are also awarded the Chairman's Cup for the A Class - bigger - handicap cruisers.  Rollercoaster, D Scriven; Moon River, D Holt and Misschief, D Rivers, were ist, 2nd and 3rd in both.

The Town Cup is the property of Southend Council and was presented by Lynn Jones, Southend Council's resort services manager, though she swiftly removed it from the winner's hands after the photographs were taken

For the multihulls racing for a separate trophy only EYC's Flying Dragon, messers Huish, Vinten and Whyte, took part and unsurprisingly won the prize.

Then it was the Interclub Cruiser Challenge Race and the Interclub Team Race Trophies.  The Challenge Race went to Flying Dragon, messers. Huish, Whyte and Vinten. The Team Race Trophy went to the Benfleet Yacht Club.

Interclub dinghy trophies

Interclub Dinghy Trophies

Dinghy trophies went as previously noted in past entries on this web site. The Ingram Shield to the Essex Yacht Club, The Operatic Cup to the Thames Estuary Yacht Club, the Silver Sail to the Leigh Sailing Club and the Cadet Trophy to the Essex Yacht Club.  The overall trophy went to the Leigh Sailing Club.

The final Interclub dinghy trophy, the Velsheda Trophy, went to Simon Turmain sailing EOD Bolero.

Estuary Class Championship goes to the Class Captain

Nine Estuary one designs took to the water on the weekend of 21 and 22 September, racing in four races for the "World" Championship - the Estuary One Design Class Championship.

Both days were bedevilled by light winds and a strong tide, but four races were squeezed in, even if the "incredible shrinking course" was a major feature of the last race as the Race Officers fought to get in a sensible race length and still leave the fleet time to sail home - and not have to walk over the mud.

After some close competition, the trophy deservedly went to Class Captain Martin Grindley.  

Full report and results on the News Pages.

Inter Club Team Race results

It was an interesting day to say the least.

With minutes to go to the 1400 start, a massive squall came through the race course, causing the Race Officers to hurredly signal a postponement before the start hooter - it didn't help either that EOD Saraband hooked the Committee Boat's anchor warp and ended up pinned on the bows of the race committee's catamaran. . .

By the time the errant EOD was extracted from its predicament, the squall had died, but in the aftermath the wind had shifted abut 40 degrees to the right.  Andy Middleton was then hard at work shifting the whole course to the new wind.

When the dust - figuratively speaking - had settled, some boats had retreated to the shore, but the majority enjoyed a cracking sail in a wind of perhaps 15 to 18 knots with some interesting gusts.

The overall placings are below as are the individual placings in the various divisions.

Inter Club Team Race results

Download the Overall results as a printable PDF file

EYC Hosts Inter Club Team Race - SIs attached

Sunday 8 August is the day of the annual Inter Club team Race, where all the Southend - and Benfleet and Canvey - shore clubs come together to race for Cadet, Single Handed and team trophies. Teams of the same class race for the Ingram Shield, menagerie teams race for the Operatic Cup and Singlehanded boats race for the Silver Sail. The Cadets race for the Cadet trophy.

The start is from a Committee Boat - a catamaran - off the EYC at 1400 with a mass start for all classes.

Sailing instructions below:

Inter Club Team Race Sailing Instructions

Download the Sailing Instructions as a printable PDF file

Download Amendment 1 as a printable PDF file

Download The course diagram as a printable PDF file

Essex Yacht Club Success in 2013 Nore Race

Benfleet Yacht Club's annual Nore Race was blessed with stunning weather for a change, a solid Force 3 building to Force 4+, bright sun and good temperatures made for one of those sailing days to remember.

And for Peter Watkins and John Chapman is was a particularly memorable day as they came home to a resounding win in the cruiser class.  They were chased home in  4th, and first in class, by Nigel Dumbell's Mandalay, then 14th overall, 8th in class for John Crisp's Ready Salted and then 20th overall and 5th in class for Enigma, Brian Hardwick and Rodgi Kundi. In the Multihulls messers Huish, Vinten and Whyte's Flying Dragon was 3rd, with Cass Monk's Shana 4th rounding out the EYC entries.

Dinghy sailors had a tiring day, with Seb Baucott's RS800 first EYC boat in 3rd overall, third in class. Melvyn Westlake's First Movement being first Estuary to sail in the race for a while and coming home in a creditable 15th overall and 3rd in class. Robin Tothill didn't manage his goal which was to take the Laser prize, finishing 22nd overall and 3rd in class.

For those sailing it was a day to boast about, even for those watching it was a day to talk about.

Message from the Commodore

Dear Members,

I’d like to thank everybody who was able to come to the Club last Sunday for the Commodore's Cruise. In spite of the less than sparkling weather we had a fabulous turnout of some 40 boats all in and lots of members on the club afterwards to enjoy a fantastic spread organised by Paula with incredible support from a lot of lovely ladies and cadets – there was even the odd man involved. . .

The spread was fantastic and at one point I thought I’d walked into the final of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ such was the quality of the homemade cakes!

Special thanks to Vice Commodore Nick Veitch and Nicky Veitch for ferrying my family about for the cruise on the splendid Bathsheba.

Thank you so very much from Paula and me, it was a wonderful afternoon.

Alec Pell-Johnson

Commodore EYC.

Raffle News!

Following the Commodore's Cruise the raffle for funds to purchase the Wilton memorabilia was drawn for our two prizes.

Yes, that’s right – we remembered this time!

The prizes, tickets drawn beautifully by Daisy Smith and Alec Silcock, were won by John Chapman and Ian Randall. Thanks to all for your contributions which did indeed cover the cost of the lifebuoy and Bosun’s pipe in the presentation case, as hoped.

The presentation case will be mounted above the main staircase to the lower saloon in the next few weeks.


Commodore's Cruise continues a 106 year EYC Tradition

Every year the Essex Yacht Club sails its Commodore's Cruise, a beating of the bounds of the club's sailing area, with as many boats on the water as possible, all following in the Commodore's wake.

Alec Pell-Johnson took up the reins of the club in February and presided on this 106th sailing of the cruise. It was a grey and chilly day, but a great fleet of cruisers, EODs and many dinghies took to the water.  The fleet sailed to the Leigh Buoy before returning towards the club so Alec could take his traditional cheers - and a few water bombs.

While Alec was enjoying his plaudits, wife Paula was on board HQS Wilton organising a sumptious tea for all concerned.  Hundreds of rolls and sandwiches, cakes - even a few score cups of tea were available to all who came off the water.

A good time was had by all.

Cruiser Singledhanded race

With a decidedly hostile forecast, it was hardly surprising only two boats came to the line for the annual Cruiser Singlehanded race.

Moody 31 Mandalay was Nigel Dumbell's entrant while Dick Johnson sailed his aged Iroquois Mk 1 catamaran, Felix the Cat.

Felix led from the start, but Mandalay soon got into her stride, only being a couple of lengths astern as the two boats went round Joscelyn's mark.

Felix opened up the gap en route to Ray Sands, rounded well in front and by the Distance Mark at the end of the first lap was five minutes in front. But a light, shifty patch at Joscelyn's the second time allowed Mandalay to close and the final leg to the finish favoured her windward proformance to allow her to close to within a couple of minutes and take the race on corrected time.

Results and times in the News Pages.

ISO National Championships at the EYC

The National Championships of the ISO class is taking place at the Essex Yacht Club over the Bank Holiday weekend, 25, 26 and 27 May.

A first day of shifty and unpredictable northerly winds were what the competitors had to deal with. In the wildly swinging gusts - have you ever seen boats tacking under spinnaker before? -  just about everybody sampled the still chilly waters.

The PRO managed to shoe-horn in three races on the tide, a full use of every last drop.

Top three after the first day are local team Jonny Wells and Bugsy, followed by visitor Gill and another local team, the Veitch brothers, in third. But racing throughout the fleet is very close with intense battles raging on every leg throughout each race.

On the second day, more shift winds tested the teams, but eventually the 90 degree shifts settled down and three races were sailed, the first of three rounds, the second of two and the third, after a new wind, just south of west instead of well north of west, of four laps.  

There was some very close racing, with four boats rounding the first mark overlapped in the first race, and battles going on throughout the fleet. Jonny Wells and Bugsy managed to be over the line at the start in two races, but the first time did them a favour as they went the opposite way up the first beat to the rest of the fleet and came out at the head of the pack, holding the position to the finish.

After six races, Jonny Wells and John Gill hold joint first on 12 points, with Peter Hannah in 3rd on 18.  

There are two races to be sailed on Monday, with a discard coming in noiw that six races have been completed.  The championship is still open to any one of the top three boats.

Monday dawned with increased wind - up to Force 5 on occasions - and a choppy sea.  The course was set later than the previous two days to allow the boats an easier ride off the shore, and anyway there were just two races to get through.

John Gill and Jonny Wells were joint leaders overnight and they had it all to fight for, with Peter Hannah in with an outside chance of snatching 2nd if either of the other two slipped up.

Race one for the day, race seven for the series, started with Jonny Wells not taking a chance of being over - he had two OCS starts on day two - and went for a clear aiur start close to the pin, while John Gill was right in the middle of the pack.

By the first mark Colin Snook led, but it was clear that Gill was next, with Wells back in fifth.  Peter Hannah and crew Tom Hanman came through the fleet to get into a close second by the leeward mark.  As the race progressed, the elastic between Gill and Hannah stretched and contracted, but the two boats stayed in the same order.  Jonny Wells and Bugsy came up into third, and that was the way it stayed.  

The wind was well up for the final race - particularly as the starting sequence began in a massive and prolonged gust - but all the boats hit the line as a pack, sailing fast. Peter Hannah was right on the stern of John Gill, threatening to swoop past, when their vang parted, putting paid to their chances of upsetting the apple cart. They retired to the yacht club.

The usual suspects made it to the topmark in the first two places, John Gill's purple boat leading Jonny Wells' grey one. In the strong wind they both showed excellent boat handling skills, gybing cleanly.

Matters stayed essentially the same until the end of the fourth run when, with just a few metres to the spinnker drop, Juliette Gill lost her footing on the gunwale, slipping into the water with one leg, and having to grab for the shroud to stay with the boat.  John kept matters under control and Juliette was soon back in place, but they had slowed enough to allow Johhny and Bugsy to lead round the final mark.

But Jonny hadn't enough of a lead to tack cleanly ahead of the Gills.  John Gill pushed until they were both past the comittee boat before tacking.  They tacked and it looked as though the Gills had snatched the lead.  Wells, to windward, reached off more and managed to roll the Gills once again, giving them the win by just half a boat length.

Was it enough to get the overall championship?

Once the results were calculated, the Gills won by a point, Wells and Bugsy second, Hannah and Hanman third and the Veitch brothers fourth.

Full results in the News Pages.


May 26 Race Results

Two races sailed on May 26 - results in the News Pages.

Another slow day on the water

Results for another slow race, the Crews, Ladies and Couples race, in the News Pages.

River Race Results

Results for a very slow race are in the News Pages

Upnor Race

Results for the Combined Cruiser Series race to Upnor on 4 May are in the News Pages.

Message from the Commodore: ‘Getting to Know You’

Just a quick note to thank all the members who came down for the ‘Getting to Know You’ evening.

I was overwhelmed by the support shown by you all and enjoyed a great evening in our fantastic clubhouse which was really buzzing.

Special thanks to all those who brought down and manned the exhibits giving that extra bit of support and atmosphere. Hopefully our newer members who attended took something away as, potentially, did some of us of slightly longer standing.

It really was good to be part of such a well attended evening and I look forward to more of these busy Friday nights on the club particularly as the sun ‘appears’ to have stopped by for a while – I think that the stern deck beckons for that G&T…..
Thanks again,
Alec Pell-Johnson

Spring series race results

Results are displayed on the News pages

Getting to know you night

There is to be a long overdue ‘New Members Night’ to be held on Friday Club Night, 19 April; the Wilton will be open from 1900.
The aim of this evening is to introduce our member intake from the last couple of years to the club, its committees, traditions, classes and our particular (some say peculiar) habits!
While all new members are proposed for membership by current members, often they do not know very many other people in the club. As a result it can be a bit daunting trying to fit in and learn the ways of such a well-established membership.  The aim of the evening is to introduce new members to the old hands and to strike up some new friendships.
The General Committee invite long established members to help us to integrate our more recent members and inform them of some of our more local procedures. The bar will, of course, be open and it has to be said it is one part of the club most of our members know how to deal with.
As well as the bar we will also have displays from various Committees and Classes to let you know what is planned for the coming year and perhaps introduce new members to boat owners who might be looking for crew. To fill any gaps in proceedings there will be some light nibbles available to make for a social atmosphere.
So, new members and old, please come along for a pleasant social evening, make new friends, see what the Essex Yacht Club has to offer and what makes us the best club on the foreshore! Well, we think it is anyway.


Easter Tin Mug


Three hard and decidedly cold races made up the Easter Tin Mug, with the best two results counting. The winners were the only two-handed boat to race all three races. The growing Solo fleet supported by both the Essex Yacht Club and the Leigh Sailing Club dominated the rest of the places.

29er 1817, A Stickland and Sam Warren; 2, Laser Radial 183937, Andy Middleton; 3, Solo 3325 Matt Tothill; 4, Solo 345, John Charles; 5, Solo 3904 Rob Tothill; 6, Solo 3355, Tony Handfield.

Concurently with the big  boys and girls, the Cadets have their own Easter Tin Mug; won by last year's victor, Luke Beuvink, followed by brother Joshua.  

Race 3, 1 April 2013

More wind, just as cold - when is summer, or even Spring come to that, going to arrive - but there were some good sunny spells to at least make it look better. Luckily the later tide meant those who had forgotten to put their clocks forward on Sunday night had time to acclimatise.

1, RS800 8211, S Baucutt; 2, 29er 1817, A Stickland and Sam Warren; 3, Laser Radial 183937, Andy Middleton; 4,Solo 3325 Matt Tothill; 5, Solo 2827, John Alani; 6, RS 200, 1077; 7, Solo 2953, Colin Walker; 8, Solo 3904, Rob Tothill; 9, Optimist 5720, L Beuvink; 10, Topaz Uno 982, John Beuvink; 11, Topper 46117, Joshua Beuvink.

Race 2, 30 March 2013

A lighter wind than Saturday, but just as cold, so the second race of the Easter Tin Mug series was still a severe test of the competitors. Leigh Sailing Club ran the race, setting a course that maximised the Easterly wind close to shore and in just a light chop rather than a soaking sea.

1, Laser Radial 91374, Richard Knight; 2, Laser Radial 183937, Andy Middleton; 3, Solo 3325, Matt Tothill; 4, Solo 3904 Rob Tothill; 5, Solo 345, John Charles; 6, Solo 3355, Tony Handfield; 7, Laser Radial 182427, Seb Baucutt; 8, Laser 43429; 9, 29er 1817, Andrew Stickland and Sam Warren; 10, Solo 2827, John Alani; 11, Topaz Uno 982, John Beuvink; 12, Optimist 5720 2 laps adjusted to 4 - Luke Beuvink.

Racing concludes Sunday

Race 1, 29 March 2013

A day of sunny spells,but a cold and very gusty East wind greeted the competitors for the first race of the 2013 season, the Easter Tin Mug.  There was a rolling swell caused by many days of constant East wind, but generally the sea was slight, sparing crews from a soaking with freezing spray.

Mind you, it wasn't that cold that Luke Beuvink was discouraged from a swim after the race! He was wearing a drysuit, however. . .

1, 29er 1817, Andrew Stickland and Sam Warren; 2, Laser Radial 183937, Andy Middleton; 3, Solo 345, John Charles;  4, Solo 3904, Rob Tothill; 5, Solo 3355, Tony Handfield; 6, Solo 3325, Matt Tothill; 7, Solo 2953, Colin Walker; 8, Solo 2827; 9, Optimist 5720-1 lap adjusted to 2 - Luke Beuvink; 10, Topaz 982, John Beuvink; 11, Topper 46117, Joshua Beuvink..
Racing continues on Saturday and Sunday

Easter Bar Opening Hours and sailing timetable

Please find below the opening hours for the EYC bar for the Easter Weekend.
Good Friday - 29th of March 1200 to 1700, and in the evening  1900 to 2300.
Saturday - 30th of March 1200 to 1700.
Easter Sunday - 31st of March 1200 to 1800.
Bank Holiday Monday - 1st of April. 1200 to 1700.
The Club will also have guest ale, Maldon Gold, available for members over the Easter weekend.

Believe it or not the Sailing Programme starts in earnest next weekend.  Please see the extract from the sailing programme below :-

Date Ten HW HT Event Fast H/
Med H
EOD Cruiser Slow H/
Fri 29 13.49 6.1 Easter Tin Mug/cadet race 1 12-45 12-45 12-45 EYC
Sat 30 14.28 6.0 Easter Tin Mug/cadet race 2 13-15 13-15 13-15 LSC
Sun 31 16.08 5.8 Easter Tin Mug/cadet race 3 14-50 14-50 14-50 EYC

There is no racing on Bank Holiday Monday

Social events

Cocktail Sunday – Sunday 7 April.

The list is on the notice board for the final Sunday lunch of this winter on the 7 April. This time it will be a lamb roast and the cost is £14.00 for adults and £8.00 for under 16’s. Should the bookings not meet the necessary numbers for a “sit down” then there will be roast meat in baguettes served in the upper saloon. A decision based on numbers will be made over Easter and communicated to members during W/C 1 April.

Quiz Night
The Quiz Night date is now set for 26 April. It will follow the usual format with Quiz Master Mark Hopkins running the show and a small supper during half time.  Information will be sent out next week regarding costs and how to book a table for your team.

Fitting Out Supper – Saturday 27 April.

A little change of date this year for the Fitting Out supper as it’s not on the same day as launching which is 21 April. The list will go up at the Club on Easter Sunday. More information next week.

Wakering Yacht Club “At Home” Sunday 14 April at 1230


All EYC members are invited to the Wakering Yacht Club “At Home” Sunday 14 April at 1230.


Ron Stock

It is with sadness we report the death of Ron Stock who passed away on 14 March 2013.

Ron, a veteran member, had been a member of the club since 1935.  He was a keen EOD sailor and racer, and latterly in cruisers.

The funeral will be at Southend Crematorium at 1500 on Wednesday 3 April. Family flowers only.

Work Weekend - Thanks from the Commodore

Dear Members,

I just wanted to thank those of you who were able to make the time to support us at our work weekend. We accomplished a lot with a fantastic workforce (and a fair bit of laughter) made up of members from all age groups, right down to some very young cadets, who all worked together well to make a difference to our clubhouse.

Special thanks to the enthusiastic Colin Mitchell and Darren ‘The Clipboard’ Taylor for organising the whole event and getting us all working, and the ladies who kept us supplied with a stream of tea, coffee, bacon and sausage rolls from the Galley. The weather also came good with some lovely sunshine on Sunday.

I don’t think that there was any single area or room on the boat or racks which was not painted, spruced-up or cleared of unwanted items in some way or another. Work is always going on at the club and assistance is always required, so, if you can find the time to assist us with some of the on-going tasks please get in touch and we can get specific work parties organised as required.
Thank you,


Sail Store re-arrangement

During the work weekend, the sail store has been reorganised, and boat owners will not necessarily find their sails in the places that they left them. The new arrangement is the following:

EOD sails are now on the top and middle shelves on the right (as you enter the shed). Half the Optimist sails and spars are on the bottom right-hand shelf, the rest of the Optimist sails are on the bottom left-hand shelf. Topaz sails are on the middle left hand shelf. Laser and miscellaneous sails are now on the top left-hand shelf.

Spars without sails attached are on the floor under the shelves on the left. Various other items (covers, etc) are on the floor under the right-hand shelves.

Members are requested to adhere to this arrangement as it should means that all owners can more readily find their sails.

The intention is to attach labels to the shed walls indicating which type of sail goes on each shelf. It would also help if owners could put their name and/or sail number on their sail bags so that they can be easily identified.


Club Work Weekend

Our Club premises and racks take a lot of upkeep, so from time to time Work Weekends are organized for members to come along and give their time on a Saturday and (or) a Sunday morning to help to bring everything up the standard we all like to see.

Darren Taylor and Colin Mitchell have kindly agreed to run the Work Weekend on Saturday and Sunday 2 and 3 March and would like as many people as possible to volunteer so we can completed as many jobs as we can.

In order that we supply enough sausages and coffee, and to help with organization, would you please contact the club to let us know which days you will be able to attend.  But even if you can’t contact us, just turn up on either day and join in.


Club fun

Cocktail Sunday – Sunday 3rd March.

Following Pork in Baguettes replacing the last Sunday Lunch and with Cocktail Sunday being the same day as the Work Weekend – 3 March - we shall again serve the ‘bar meals’ in the upper saloon which this month will be a beef baguette with onions.  Again as it is work weekend, the usual dress code for Cocktail Sunday will be rescinded temporarily, so no need to go home to change after your hard work in the morning.

Quiz Night

The Quiz Night being planned will now NOT take place in March, but sometime in April. The date is not fixed yet, but  keep an eye ot for the date when it is announced.

Social Programme 2013

Brush up your knowledge

Don’t forget Friday evening, 1 March 2030 is your chance to pick up some tips and improve your chances of making an impact during racing next season.

Is your mantelpiece looking a little bare this winter, just lacking a little heavy metal? Do you wish you had a shiny silver trophy or a cup or two to admire? Check out this message and you could be a happy sailor at the front of the fleet!

All EYC racing dinghy sailors are warmly invited to brush up their skills for the new season at the Masterclass, at 2030 hours on Friday, 1st March on board The Wilton.

This will be an open forum Question and Answer session with some of the club’s leading championship winners.

•       What do the new Racing Rules mean for me? (Assuming you even knew the old ones. . .)

•       How can I make the best start? (Be on the line at the gun and be moving. . .)

•       How do I gybe safely in a blow? (With great care. . .)

•       How can I get better boat speed? (Sail faster. . .)

•       How can I improve my upwind performance? (Ditto. . .)

Find out the answer to these and any other vital questions you have about tactics, equipment, crewing, boat handling, sails and rules from champions Jonathan Wells, Steve Underwood and George Chambers, who will make up the expert panel.

This free event is organised by the EOD Class but most of the tips and tactics will be relevant and useful for all, so club members – both helms and crew - from ALL other racing dinghy classes will be warmly welcomed. We would also be very pleased to see new EYC members who are interested in trying out racing.


New EYC Flag Officers

At last Friday’s AGM, Garry Watkins stood down as Commodore to make way for our new Commodore Alec Pell-Johnson. He will be joined by Flag Officers, Vice Commodore Nick Veitch and Rear Commodores, Gail Monk, Paul Edwards and Rob Redman. Congratulations to them and thanks to Past Commodore Garry Watkins for leading us though the last two years.


EYC AGMs - 2013 Friday 8th Feb 2013

The Club and Company AGMs will be on Friday 8th February.

Letters and email notification should have gone out to Full Members last week

2013 Membership Subscription Invoices

All invoices for Annual Subscriptions have now gone to members. If you have not received your invoice, please contact either Barbara Sullivan at secretary@essexyachtclub.co.uk or Barry Barnes at membership@essexyachtclub.co.uk 

Bar Price Increases

Unfortunately, due to increases imposed upon the Club by its suppliers, it will be necessary to increase our bar prices for 2013. Beer will be going up 10p and wine will be going up by approx. £1 a bottle. All other prices will rise by proportional amounts. These price increases are the first since this time last year and a number of supplier increases were not passed on to members as they were received.

Sailing News

After a considerable amount of discussion, the Sailing Committee has put together the provisional sailing program which is now available for viewing on the Club notice board. The structure of the program is similar to previous years, including points races for all classes from Optimists to Cruisers, ‘all in’ club trophy races and the usual Inter club team racing events.

Other than racing and new for this season, we have also introduced a number of  club cruises including cruisers to Faversham and dinghies BBQing on  Yantlet beach, as well as a number of sail training events for cadets and adults alike. The program is varied and should have something for everyone who plans to be on the water this season. So please come down and have a look at the board see what will be going on and check out dates for summer racks, launch dates, Cadet Week etc.

New Year Message from Commodore Garry Watkins

Dear Members,

Another year has passed and now work starts on fitting out our boats to be ready for another season. I would like to congratulate those who took home some silverware as a result of last season’s successes, and our cadet team for their sterling effort in the combined Interclub team race. Hopefully the success of the British Olympics team will have inspired some of our members to emulate their achievements, and the EYC can retain some of the trophies from Interclub and maybe add a few!

On a more mundane note the club last year was hit again with an increase in prices for Electricity, Gas, general Rates and Rent. Whilst we have tried to keep costs to a minimum, the maintenance and general running costs have also increased, as most of us are well aware. Unfortunately this means an increase in subscriptions in line with inflation is required to maintain the income to expenditure level. This has been agreed by General Committee.

The Club is still on a sound footing, and we aim to keep it that way but this year still see’s some extra expenses as in the completion of the fire escape. In addition to this a new PLA bylaw has been passed that no seafront properties/clubs/houseboats will be allowed to discharge waste water or sewage into the Thames Estuary. This bylaw comes into force in January 2015, so your General Committee is already in consultation with Southend Council and Railtrack to come to some agreement as to putting services in beneath the cinder path to Old Leigh. This is yet another expense the Club has to fund over which it has no control. Therefore this also needs to be considered in our budget projections for 2013/14 although we are also exploring possible grants for this work that may be available from various bodies.

We do need your assistance on committees or for maintenance jobs that require attention on the club. So if you are handy with ideas, a paintbrush or a hammer please step forward and speak to one of the Flag Officers or Committee members. As this is my final letter to you all as your Commodore I would like to say thank you to all committee members and those that help to make the EYC the club that is respected and admired by all who visit us, also thank you for the support of the membership over the past two years for myself and Nicola. On a final note I would like to wish the future Commodore and Flag Officers every success. Thank you all for your continued support of the Club and together we have a good future.

Wishing you all a fair wind and sunny days for 2013


Garry Watkins


2013 EYC AGMs -  Friday 8 Feb 2013

The Club and Company AGMs will be on Friday 8th February. Accordingly, under the latest Company law and Club rules, formal notification of the AGMs will be sent to members not less than 14 days before this date. Any Proposals for Rule Changes to be decided at the AGMs will need to be with the Hon. Secretary not later than the 5th January (See Rule 24) and for other proposals no later than the 18th January (See Rule 19.1b) Nominations for Officers and General Committee will need to be with the Hon Secretary by 11th January (28 days before the AGMs). Nominations for Officers and General Committee must conform to the requirements of Club Rule No.6. To aid members in the nomination process, lists that can be completed for the various Club roles have been put on the Club notice board. These lists will be taken down on 11th January.

2013 Membership Subscription Invoices

The Annual Subscription is due on the 1st of January each year. Subscription Rates for 2013 have increased in line with the forecast inflation rate for 2013.  Invoices for this year’s subscriptions will be sent out in the next few days by post for those who do not have an email account registered on the club database and by email for those that do.

Bar Price Increases

Unfortunately, due to increases imposed upon the Club by its suppliers, it will be necessary to increase our bar prices for 2013. The amounts of the increases are being calculated and will be communicated during January.  The price increases are the first since this time last year and a number of supplier increases were not passed on to members as they were received.

Cold success

Congratulations to the EYC's Seb Baucott and Andy Middleton who won the 2012 LSC Brass Monkey Trophy race on 30 December in their RS200.

It was a windy but bright day and Seb and Andy were not only one of the few to stay the right way up, but were the only ones to fly a spinnaker on both downwind legs of the course.

Seasons greetings

Everyone should have had a very Merry Christmas by now and now it's the turn of the New Year. Best wishes to everyone and here's to a wonderful summer of sailing, whatever the weather!

Don't forget the club bar openings and the New Year's party - if you are signed up - and how about coming down to the club on Sunday 30th of December to cheer on the brave participants in the LSC's Brass Monkey Trophy race? The weather forecast looks just right for a bit of spectating if you're not brave enough - daft enough - to be on the water.

December diary dates

Don't forget these!  Be there!

Friday Club nights: From now until 21 December come to the Club , enjoy the evening, enjoy the company of your friends, enjoy the mulled wine and take part in the raffle for a magnum of champagne. Raffle drawn on 21 December
Sunday December 2 at 1200: Cocktail Sunday and At Home to all the other clubs on the shore, plus the RNLI will be there for you to buy your Christmas cards
Sunday 9 December: Sunday Lunch - list on the notice board
Saturday 15 December: EYC Christmas Dinner, all the trimmings plus carol singing - sign up now
Sunday 16 December: Children's Christmas Party, entertainment, food and Father Christmas arriving by sleigh; what more could you want, six or 60? Sign up your little one for just £7.50.  Kick off at 1100.  LIST CLOSES TUESDAY 11 DECEMBER!
Christmas Bar opening times:

Christmas Eve 12-4pm
Boxing Day 12-6pm
New Years Eve, tickets only – See below
New years Day 12-4 pm

Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th Dec – usual opening hours

New Year's Eve Party: 31 December! No change of date for this one.  Black Tie, posh frock, just £20 per ticket - NOW SOLD OUT!

December 100 Club winners:
Winner, Robin Reed; second, Robin Tothill; third Stuart Silcock; fourth, Robert Whyte.

Plus the winter's sailing still goes on.

A night of glittering prizes

The 120th prizegiving at the Essex Yacht Club took place on 17 November.

Read the list of prize winners and see the images on the News Pages

Ray Mark out of its misery

The Ray Mark is no longer a hazard, except as a stump 0.5m above the mud.

A buoy will be installed for the rest of the Winter Series racing.

Watch out for the Ray Mark if you are out on the water

The following warning says it all:

The Ray Mark is now almost down, but not quite.  It is pointing at a perilous angle and is covering at HW.

We have informed our R.Os to keep race courses clear of the area until it is taken down owing to the risk of a vessel being holed.

The mark is directly south of the EYC and on the north bank of the Ray Gut

It's all over bar the shouting

Saturday 27 October sees the end of the summer sailing season for 2012 at the Essex Yacht Club.

This weekend the EODs will be dragged from the water and stored on the West racks, most of the cruisers will have left for their lay-up berths, either ashore or up some muddy creek, many of the small boats will leave the racks, with only the hardy winter series racers remaining. The club's tenders and support boats will be winterised and long list of necessary work compiled.

But there's no need to feel sad!  This weekend also sees the start of the winter social season.

Saturday night kicks off the round of suppers and dinners with the Fitting Out supper - there are still a few places free if you would like to contact the club.

Then a full programme kicks off with the first Cocktail Sunday and Sunday Lunch on 4th November.

Then it's the Annual Dinner Dance is Saturday 10 November, with the all-important Prizegiving and fish and chip supper on 17 November. On 2 December it is our club's At Home when we welcome members from all the other clubs on the shore.

The Cruiser Class Winter Warmer - an informal supper rounded off with the telling of tall tales from the past season - is on 24 November. The Class AGM is Friday 18 January and the Cruiser Class Dinner is 16 March.

Put the dates in your diary now and we look forward to seeing you on the night.

Estuary class overall results for the year

Full results for the EOD class racing for 2012 in the News pages.

Late results

Go to the News Pages for some dinghy overall results and places for the end of the Summer Series on 20 October.

Past Commodore Stuart Readman

It is with sadness we report the death of Past Commodore Stuart Readman who passed away in Southend Hospital on 14 October 2012.

The funeral will take place on Wednesday 24 October at 1100 in the small chapel at Southend Crematorium and afterwards at the Essex Yacht Club.

All friends are welcome.

Family flowers only, donations to the RNLI through W. Thorpe, Funeral Directors.

Barbara Sullivan, Hon. Sec., Essex Yacht Club

Saturday 6 October 2012

A full programme for this saturday in the latter stages of the season.  Results on the News pages.

Interclub Team Race and Ingram Shield results

Go to the News pages for full results

Interclub Team Race and Ingram Shield this weekend

Sunday 30 September 2012 sees the annual Interclub Team Race this year hosted by the Thames Estuary Yacht Club from their start line down near the Pier The start is at 1230 and we have a full set of teams, including cadets, planning to take part.

Sailing instructions can be downloaded here: Interclub Team Race SIs (PDF)

Peter Cotgrove Trophy 

The all-in handicap race for the Peter Cotgrove Trophy took place on Saturday 29 September 2012.  The memory of Peter, past Chairman of the RYA and a legendary local yachtsman is celebrated every year with this race, open to all local clubs.  Results in the News Pages.

Symonds Cup

Every year the EYC holds an all-in race for the Symonds Cup.  This year saw an exceptional turnout of everything from Optimits to cruisers.  Full results in the News Pages.

Cadet Week 2013

Now this one's over, put the date for the next one in your diary: Wednesday 7th August to Sunday 11th. Be there!

Cadet Week Results

See the full results on the Cadets page

Cadet Week starts 1 August

Essex Yacht Club's rightly famed Cadet Week - well, Cadet five days really - starts tomorrow and runs until Sunday.

Good luck and  lots of fun to all taking part and doing the hard work.

Blackwater Race Results

The Essex's Blackwater Race for the Essex Bowl, a part of the CCS series run between all the local clubs, took place on Saturday 28 July.  A great fleet of 18 boats came to the line, but only half made it to the finish.

Read the story and peruse the results on the News page.

All the winners

Two cruiser races were sailed over the weekend, the singlehanded on Saturday and a points race on Sunday. There was also a fulll programme for the EODs, with the Essex One Design Championship on Saturday and the Velsheda Trophy on Sunday - both races for two of the most beautiful trophies anywhere. And the handicap classes were in action too.  Go to the News page for details.

Summer Ball cancelled

It is with great regret the General Committee announces it has cancelled the 2012 Summer Ball planned for 14 July.  Would those who have already paid please contact the Entertainments Committee for a refund.

Wine tasting

On Friday 6 July on board the Wilton, a special wine tasting event will take place, giving the chance to enjoy some excellent wines as well as learning something about where they come from and how they are grown.  Tickets are £10 and include cheese and biscuits help you enjoy the sensations while retaining control. . .

Recent racing

The Nore race, Cadets in Cruisers, Crew's race and some EOD racing over the past few weekends.  See the News page for details.

EYC Summer Ball, 14 July 2012

With the Olympics imminent, it should come as no surprise to find that this year's EYC Summer Ball has a five ring theme - offending no copyrights of course - with a subtext of Greek drama.  

The night begins at 1900 with a glass of bubbly, with a Buffet supper at 2000;  Band Billy Liar cranks up at 2100 and it all ends at midnight in plenty of time to be in training on the running track bright and early next morning. Dress of course Black Tie, with just a little sporting or Hellenic embelishment.

Tickets are just £30, members only, from the Entertainments Committee.

Other social events for your diary include Wine Tasting on Friday 6 July - £10 including cheese and biscuits to keep you on an even keel and the EOD Supper on Saturday 7 July following the EOD Championship - £18.  Contact the Entertainments Committee for the former, EOD Class Captain for the latter.

Commodore's Cruise Sunday 24 June 2012

Join your fellow club members for our traditional "beating the boundaries" and cheering the Commodore sail on Sunday 24 June.

Commodore Garry Watkins will lead the fleet - everyone from Cruiser to Optimist welcome - on a tour of our local sailing area before we all form up in our classes and give a hearty three cheers to our leader. Then it's the usual scramble to get ashore to enjoy a superb tea of sandwiches, cake and more.

Be there to see Tachia lead the fleet!

Latest Band Night, new bar opening times, other social delights!

Swing the night away on 16 June, come to the club at 1900 on Fridays instead of 2000, visit other clubs on their At Home days, join the 100 Club; details in the News pages

Race results, 9 and 10 June 2012

More seasonal weather - autumnal - marked racing over the weekend.  Details and results in the News pages.

Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend sailing

 2 to 5 June

In between peeking at the Jubilee events on TV, hanging out red white and blue bunting and eating copious amounts of jelly, ice cream and cake, there was a full programme of racing for the small boats, including the John Swann Trophy for Estuary ODs, and a cruising rally for the bigger craft. See the News Pages for details.

Racing results for 26 and 27 May 2012

Dinghies and cruisers raced over the weekend.  Results in the News Pages.

Kent Boats