The Cruiser Class

These words written over sixty years ago by Eric Hiscock, one of the great cruising sailors of the last century, and they  still hold true, despite the gradual creep of officialdom into our sport of sailing – and the sentiments behind these words are alive and well in the Essex Yacht Club Cruiser Class – the largest class in the club.

Within the Cruiser class membership is racing and cruising experience that circles the globe; covers virtually every port and haven from the Mediterranean to the Baltic; includes numerous crossings of the Atlantic and every inch of our glorious East Coast of England. Mostly achieved as Hiscock would put it “with little or no publicity”.

Cruising members are an eclectic bunch almost as varied as their choice of boats which range from some seriously fast multihulls to some much slower, but beautiful wooden vessels. We all share that love of being on the water. We also share the occasional desire to cruise in company and fixture events such as the Calais Rally, Old Commodores Cup and our cruise to Limehouse to support the London Marathon are increasing in popularity. Our social scene is lively with Dinners and Suppers being an opportunity to catch up on the season past, tell tall stories, plan for the season ahead and make new friends.

If one needs advice about where, what or how, just ask around – there is bound to be a member who has “been there or done that” and would be most happy to chat about it over a drink on a Friday evening.

Cruiser class members keep in touch through a monthly email newsletter which includes information, gossip, news, even articles for sale. But it doesn’t go exclusively to cruiser classmembers; if you would like a copy, contact Class Captain.

Upcoming Cruiser Class Events