Covid-19 Updates

COVID-19 UPDATE No.12 – 9th July 2020

Unfortunately, last weekends wind put pay to any sailing, but on the plus side The Wilton opened for the first time and we are pleased to say everything seemed to work well, so a big thank you to the Bar Staff and all members who visited the club and respected and followed the guidelines we have introduced.

Following the experience of last weekend, we have made a couple of changes to the one-way system that should improve things for members.

  1. Access to the downstairs seating area and the toilets is now from the spiral staircase in the main bar down to the Snug. Please note the Snug remains closed.
  2. Because of the change above the doors at the rear of the main Bar to the exit, stern and upper deck will now be two-way. Given they are glass it should be possible to see that the exit through them is clear and so adhere to social distance with only one person using them at a time, again common sense should be applied. Please note, the stairs from the stern to the upper deck remain “Up Only”.
  3. Exit off of the Wilton remains via the Fire Exit on the stern, but given 1 above there will now be no access to the downstairs seating area or toilets from this route.

The attached plans reflect the above changes.

In addition to the above and again through experience gained last weekend the following should be noted.

  1. Once the Bar has called last orders there will be a 20-minute drink up time as the bar staff then need to collect empties and ensure all glasses and hard surfaces are cleaned. Please respect this and help the bar staff by leaving quickly.
  2. The Bar staff once the cleaning has been completed will then lock up. Members can not remain on the Wilton to ensure we comply with HMG guidance.
  3. Unfortunately, and again to ensure we comply with HMG guidance and to maintain the clean done by the Bar staff it does mean that the Wilton will only be open, and this includes the toilets, whilst the Bar is open. At all other times The Wilton will be shut. 

A reminder of current measures in place covering both the opening of the Wilton and sailing are set out below:

  • There will be a limited selection of drinks available 
  • No food, sweets, teas or coffee will be available.
  • No drinking bar purchases on the racks
  • No non-members or guests
  • The bar will be Cashless with payment by card only
  • Empty glasses will need to placed on tables/areas, one by the bar and one on the stern deck near the fire exit. Bar staff will ensure these are collected periodically.
  • The club needs to assist HMG with a track and trace register. We will use a phone-based solution which the bar staff will manage. When you are ordering drinks you will be asked to confirm all those in your party.
  • The Gun Room and Snug will remain closed 
  • All children to be supervised at all times; 
  • No children under 12 will be allowed on the top desk even if supervised 
  • Disabled toilet to only be used for those who fit that definition broadly. All remaining gents to use downstairs toilets.
  • Whilst the toilets will be open there will be no changing facilities

 In terms of sailing please remember the following remain place and note that as the racing programme has now restarted the Safety Boat will now return to it’s normal duties to support the race fleet, so if your social sailing it’s even more important to note points 4 7 5 below

  1. The Wilton’s changing room facilities will remain closed. If you are going sailing, please come already changed or change on the racks
  2. The club and racks are not open to non members or guests
  3. To keep numbers to a minimum the racks & pontoon must not be used for sunbathing, picnics or swimming, this also applies during the week.
  4. If you intend to sail it must be stressed that you ensure your boat is seaworthy, and only go out in conditions well within “your capabilities” to reduce the risk of requiring the assistance of the emergency services and/or others.
  5. To assist in the event of needing assistance your boat should have a long painter for towing, and if you have them, righting lines and a mast head float.
  6. You are responsible for providing your own hand sanitizer, soap & gloves etc.

Please remember follow the Governments guidance, be sensible, use your common sense and It is vital that we all respect these measures to allow the Wilton to remain open as the Police and Local Authority have confirmed that spot checks will be undertaken to ensure compliance.

The club can accept no responsibility for consequences from a visit to your club during this period.